Stainless Steel Reserve Tank

This is a kind of stainless steel tank/ vessel. It can be used for storing chemicals inside or producing chemical products by reaction. It can be used in brewing, foodstuff, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, adhesive production and other chemical industries. It has great advantages as the following:

A) Good quality materials (eg: SS plates, flanges, pipes, bolts, nuts, etc. ) made and sourced from validated manufacture; The material of the tank is anti-corrosion and abration resistant.

B) Fine procedure conducted by qualified and skilled workers. The quality ratio of welding seams can reach 95% before RT.; The internal and external surfaces are polished, with roughness of Ra0.05um.

C) Fine appearance. The surface of the machine (both inside and outside) looks good and feels smooth, and welding seams are treated perfectly, so you cann't easily find the trace of welding.

D) Strict inspections following each production procedure (material incoming, component forming, welding, assembling, surface treatment, final completion).

E) Environment- friendly; All these equipments are manufactured as per optional standard of GMP, ISO9001 and others to meet our customers' requirements. The reactor can be made in variable specifications and different sizes according to our customers' need.

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